The Bakery for Dogs!
Natural, Fresh-Baked, Food and Treats!

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The Bakery for Dogs!
Natural, Fresh-Baked,
Food and Treats!
cake of the month
cake of the month
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Cake of the Month
S'mores Cake! S'mores for All, try it while it lasts!
Celebration Cakes
Bone, Round, Carob, Peanut Butter, and Grain-Free!
Chews & Beefhides
Braids, Chews, Circles, Duck Feet, Marrow Bone, Retrievers, Sticks!
Treats for Dogs
Begals, Biscuits, Chews, Cookies, Grain-Free, Ice Cream, ...
Seasonal Treats
Personalized Easter Bunny Cookies, Banana Nut Muffins, ...
Bakery Case
Dottie's Dipped Delights, Dot's Spots, Peanut Mutter Cookies, Cheese Stix, ...
Mac the Shark, Ross Brachiosaurus, Sonny Sloth, Tiny T-Red, ...
Dental Care
Ark Naturals, Chewable, Brushless Toothpaste!
Natural Spa Products
Your pup will look smashing with these spa products!
Natural Supplements
Supplements to help your dog feel and look their best!
Walking Products
Items to help you and your pup enjoy your walks!
Kitty Products
Wildly Natural, Wildly Popular With Cats!
Natural Food for Dogs
Helps to Keep your pup healthy, energetic, and looking great!
Box Signs
I Work Hard So My Dog Can Have a Better Life, My Kids Have Paws, ...
Pawty Time
Party Hats and Polka Dot Numbered Candles!